Meet Mallory.

As part of the Purchasing Team at Hot Topic HQ, Mallory helps bring the amazing things you’re totally obsessed with to Hot Topic stores nationwide. Get to know a little more about her and why she loves working at Hot Topic.

How long have you worked for Hot Topic?

Ten years!

What’s your role within the company?

I’m the buyer for novelty accessories and Halloween.

What got you interested in working for Hot Topic?

I grew up a huge Hot Topic fan, so this was always my dream place to work. I’m a huge pop culture fan and always have been – music as well- so it seemed like the perfect fit. When I got the job opportunity, I jumped at it.

What’s the biggest thing you learned while working here?

One is the chase. Always keeping on your toes, looking for trends wherever you go and being able to relate those trends to our customer and chasing after merchandise that they would love. The other one is the golden rule at its best: if you’re good to people, people are going to be good to you. I think we have a lot of good people here and our vendors are amazing to work with and I think they’re always willing to give us a chance because the partnership is awesome.

Describe working at Hot Topic in 3 words.

Does it have to be a three word sentence?

Nope! It can be three adjectives.

Fun is definitely one of them. For me, I feel like I’m lucky to always be here. We get to do a lot that a lot of companies would never give us an opportunity to do. Privileged.

What are you totally obsessed with?

I am a huge TV fan. I watch TV all the time. All the time.

Marvel or DC?

That’s hard! I think I’m going to go with DC. I like Thor – I know he’s Marvel! I’ve always really enjoyed Batman though and Harley Quinn is a pretty cool lady.

Doctor Who or Sherlock?

Doctor Who!

If you could have any kind of tail, what kind of tail would you have?

I think I would have a little bunny tail. Because it’s poofy.

What’s your most played song on iTunes, Spotify, etc.?

It’s probably Brand New’s “Play Crack the Sky” – I’m not sad though! I just really like it. It’s my favorite song.

What’s one piece of advice for anyone who would like to work for Hot Topic?

I think passion is definitely…. You have to be passionate about something. It doesn’t necessarily always have to be Hot Topic itself, but we’re a really passionate company. We’re fangirls and guys, and we love music more than anything. I think that just showing that you have that in you speaks bounds. It takes you far.