Hot Topic is all about unique people who have a passion for pop culture and fashion. We offer a fun atmosphere full of challenges and opportunities for advancement.

From the minute you walk into our Headquarters, you can see, hear and feel the energy. Our “open” offices (no interior walls!) allow everyone to be highly interactive, and we have monitors throughout the building playing music videos to keep us energized.

Q: Where is Hot Topic Headquarters located?

A: Our Headquarters are located in City of Industry, in the greater Los Angeles area.

Q: How do I find out what positions are available at Hot Topic Headquarters?

A: To learn what positions are available at our Headquarters location, please visit our jobs listings page, or visit any of the major web-based job posting services.

Q: How do I apply for a position?

A: Please visit our jobs listings page.

Q: Once I’ve submitted my resume, will I hear from you?

A: Due to the volume of resumes we receive, we may not be able to respond to you personally. If you submit a resume, we will review it against our open positions and if we feel there is a suitable match with our requirements, we will contact you. Otherwise, we will retain your resume in our database and consider you for future opportunities.

Q: If I have already submitted my resume, do I have to resubmit it to be considered for jobs posted in the future?

A: While we retain and review resumes previously submitted by candidates whenever new job opportunities arise, we also welcome applicants to re-submit their resumes when they see new job postings that catch their interest. Of course, in the event that any information on your resume changes, such as your mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number or career experience, please update your resume online.

Q: Do you have any jobs available which allow me to work from home?

A: All positions require full-time on-site attendance. All jobs posted on our website or posted on any other job posting service are available at the Hot Topic facility indicated, unless otherwise noted.